Do We Really Love?

Endurance. We don’t have it; we can’t do it. As a member of Generation X, I can honestly say this is our weakest link. You Generation Y folks aren’t any better. This is a major problem, because if we don’t endure well, how can we say that we are able to love?

Does anyone really know how to love?

When couples are unhappy, they swap out spouses, or cheat, or lust in their hearts and minds. It’s more like we infatuate everyone, or lust everyone.

Do we really know how to love? Or do we just love each other like we love pizza? When we desire it we proclaim our love for it.

Desire isn’t love, it’s lust. It’s fun. It’s pleasurable, but it’s not love.

Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. (1 Corinthians 13:7 NIV)

Love is about protecting the other person, not obtaining your selfish desires. It means you trust them with all of you. It means you hopefully trust in them, even in bad times. It means you patiently endure the difficulties as you both learn how to apply the truth.

Love isn’t fun. It’s not the emotional high portrayed in romantic movies or the feeling of lust you have as you desire to be intimate.

Love is found in the sacrifice of earthly pleasure in order to give something of significance or to meet the simplest need of another human being.

Love is the commitment to be tortured and yet remain faithful. Love is the total abnegation of yourself for the benefit of another, even if it’s not reciprocated.

Reciprocation makes love easier, not easy, but it’s not necessary in order to love.

Please stop telling me how much you love someone when you aren’t willing to sacrifice your entire existence for them. Please stop telling me about your lust and pretending that it’s love. Because when you do it is like watching a seven year old swearing with a cigarette in his mouth. It just looks sad and pathetic.

We can not find what we do not seek, and we will not seek for what we pretend to have already obtained.

Let’s stop pretending we are more mature than we are.

Only then will we begin to understand the void that we feel. Only then will we begin to seek the real solution. Only then will we be able to begin to grow up and mature. Only then will we begin to learn how to truly love.

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