Is the end near?

I never thought it could occur in my lifetime. I couldn’t believe our nation could crumble so quickly.

But, when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for making promises, I saw the beginning of the adoration needed for the Antichrist to take power.

With the love of Islam growing exponentially, and the lack of response to their atrocities, I see the terror required to instill enough fear for people to give up their freedom in order to be protected.


The biggest piece of the puzzle has been the growing apathy of the Christians. Maybe a better term would be “church attenders” or “bench warmers.”

Because the church controls the “purse strings” surrounding a ministers family, truth is seldom preached to its fullest.

Popular topics are explored over and over and over.

The church has been on “milk” for so long they don’t even recognize meat.

Parents have failed to teach their own children. They turned the education of their children over to a liberal government and relinquished their responsibility for their spiritual training over to an apathetic church.

We are so poorly prepared for endurance of any kind that we wrap our faith around a pre-tribulation theology to avoid any need to endure.

The church has been lied to that the blessings of God are earthly, and because of that church attenders are attached to (bound to) the things of this world.

The church lives every day as if eternity doesn’t exist.

Most Christians couldn’t name 5 ways to build true treasures in heaven, and if they could, they couldn’t in good conscious say they focus on that on a daily (or even weekly) basis.

Spiritual warfare is not truly taught, but rules are.

I can’t tell you if the end is near, but for the first time in my life I believe it’s possible.

When troubles really come, the church is prepared to fold.