It’s Not What You Thought

Marriage isn’t about having your dreams fulfilled. It’s more about realizing, through loving someone else more than yourself, that you had limiting dreams and something better is out there.
Marriage also shows us that to experience those better dreams, you have to let go of the old ones that have created these unrealistic expectations. It’s a lot like becoming a Christian. Many of us had all these ideas of what we were going to do for God. These amazing adventures that He was going to bless and use for His purposes. Only to find that there was a different plan; a better plan.  

But to live a complete life we have to be willing to give up the old limited dreams we have been dreaming for years for this new unknown path. 

When you boil it down, both relationships require faith in God. Without it you are just left holding on to the limited imagination of a child instead of living via the unlimited imagination of our creator. 

It can be a bit scary at first, but much like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, you get used to it the “Geronimo” part. Not that each jump isn’t still intense, but you get used to free falling knowing that you will land safely on the ground. 

And much like a para trooper knows after he safely lands: once this mission is over there will be another one that requires yet another leap of faith. 

So, stop expecting life to get easy; it was never intended to be. 

Instead, find someone like minded to marry so that when you jump they are jumping with you instead of being dragged out of the plane kicking and screaming. 

Because then you have to make a choice between jumping and not jumping, and marriage was intended to create more missions and adventures in life, not fewer ones. 

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